Development Services


Qvantel’s solutions are designed & built to allow maximum configurability and customization during service operations. Qvantel’s development services consist of services provided to the customer when the in-life systems require further development, varying from:

  • Configuration changes: new product or campaign introduction, changes to VAT data, extracts or references, UI configuration changes, etc.
  • Bigger change needs: technical interface changes, new functionalities or business scenarios, new migrations, etc.

Further development takes place in seamless co-operation with the customer, from development needs & requirements’ identification to release.

Key Benefits

    • Dedicated teams with extensive domain knowledge provide expert service with short ramp-up times and minimal support requirements.
    • Proven agile development process provides regular feature updates.
    • Our established service improvement process ensures the customer’s solution is constantly meeting or exceeding the customer’s and the end-customer’s requirements. With the help of Qvantel’s team, the customer can quickly define, adjust, and develop products and services for future business needs.


Qvantel’s development services consist of the following:

Key Features

Service AreaDescription
Service Level ManagementService Level Management (together with Contract Management) is responsible for identifying, documenting, analyzing, and tracking the contracted Service Level Requirements and agreed Business Case(s) to ensure that the performance of service delivery meets or exceeds contractually agreed SLAs and KPIs.
Service Development & Continual Service ImprovementFor service development, Qvantel uses Continual Service Improvement as the activity that aims at improving the service provision in the long run in close cooperation with the customer. The various data available through, for instance, Service Level Management serves as an input in the process.
Project Management
Development items identified via service development will be developed in practice via the change management process, where the individual items will be implemented either through the continuous configuration management process, or - in case of major changes - through a separate development project. When a development project is established, it is run following Qvantel's defined project management model.
Demand & Requirement ManagementThe purpose is to identify, manage, and prioritize business needs, requirements and requests for development to support customer's business operations.
Solution Design Consists of the actual design and development activities required for the development item. Service development and Continual service improvement activities - governed and steered by the Demand & Requirement Management and Project Management activities - act as the key input source for solution design.
Release Management The purpose is to plan, schedule, and control the transfer of releases (of new development items) to test and live environments. The primary goal of Release Management is to ensure that the integrity of the live environment is protected and that the correct components are released.

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