Business Support Services


By transferring the management and operation of their key business processes and software solutions to Qvantel, our customers gain major operational efficiencies in:

  • Customer interface management
  • Product portfolio management
  • Revenue management

Our professional services cover these business processes end-to-end, from order to cash.

Key Benefits

  • Customers can concentrate on their core business when Qvantel assumes full overall responsibility on the defined supporting business processes.
  • Dedicated teams with extensive domain knowledge provide expert service with short ramp-up times and minimal support requirements.

  • Together with Qvantel’s team, the customer can quickly package new offerings, manage deployments and billing, and get insight into what works in the field.
  • Full, real time transparency to the business processes & related data helps the customer to react to any needed changes quickly.


Qvantel’s Business Support Services consist of the following:

Key Features

Service Area Description
Billing Management
Key activities:
- Define & maintain billing configurations
- Manage bill runs and secure billing quality
- report on billing-related process and quality issues
- coordinate development and improvements in billing-related processes
Accounts Receivable ManagementKey activities:
- Operate and monitor payment handling and other financial flows (e.g. payment plans, debt collection & accounting)
- Secure accounts receivable related quality
- Define & maintain AR configurations
- Report on AR-related events
- Coordinate development and improvements in AR-related processes
Product Configuration ManagementKey activities:
- Consult with CSP stakeholders on product and pricing configuration changes
- Coordinate development and improvements in product configuration-related processes
Business Analysis Key activities:
- Gather & analyze operational data from customer systems
- Provide reports & analyzed information to the customer (for instance via interactive online dashboards)
- Support customer in decision-making based on the information provided

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