Point of Sales (POS) Toolbox

Covers all aspects of the sales journey.  Flexibly and visibility of customer and product information.


In the telecom industry, Point-of-Sales (POS) is still the most significant channel for both transactions and customer interactions. The transaction volume and the importance of the POS channel as a part of the whole customer journey sets specific demands for POS tools in terms of usability, flexibility, and effectiveness of use. The POS solution must cover all aspects of the sales journey while allowing visibility towards customer and product information. These include tasks such as sales, managing orders, managing customers, handling returns and replacements as well as viewing products and inventory levels.


  • Intuitive and quick-to-learn user interface
  • Support for seamless customer experience across all channels with cross-channel configuration through business and access rules

  • Quick transactions to facilitate high volume of interactions


The Point-of-Sales solution has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements for a modern POS Toolbox. The POS Toolbox supports several cross-channel actions, such as managing assistance requests and customer information as well as handling returns and replacements.

The basket view allows the sales representative to review and confirm the order information by the customer


  • Flexible sales order building for matching different customer needs and different ways of doing shopping
  • Smart assistance, with both in-session and between-session capabilities

  • Basket sharing and collaboration between channels
  • Customer information management


With intuitive, quick to use interface, the POS Toolbox offers CSRs an efficient way to satisfy a wide variety of customers’ needs. In principle, all functionalities of the CSR Toolbox are also accessible from the POS Toolbox, but the POS Toolbox has been designed to boost efficiency for handling top visit reasons in a store setting.

“I need a efficient set of tools to be used for sales and care cases in a store.”

— Steve, 27, POS Representative

  • The POS Toolbox allows sales representatives to conduct the assisted sales process effectively. It provides recommendations and information to help sales representatives sell more and provide a better customer experience.

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