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Automated, high-quality credit decisions with ease


The Qvantel Credit Decision Tool (CDT) is a configurable credit scoring decision engine, which enables automated, high-speed, high-quality credit decisions, and customer screenings for B2C and B2B sales processes. It connects to customer, order and revenue Management and readily integrates with a variety of external credit scoring services. CDT also enables manual credit decisions through an internal ticketing system.


The purpose of Qvantel’s Credit Decision Tool (CDT) is to speed up order processing without sacrificing the quality of business decision-making. It improves overall process quality, reducing human errors in the credit scoring process.

  • Real-time control of high precision order flow
  • Product-, dealer-, and channel-specific
  • Full change management of credit decision rules

  • Order flow visibility and transparency
  • Supports yes, no, and conditional decision responses


CDT plays a central role in the order flow by observing and controlling it. Every commercial action related to credit risk is of interest to CDT: acquisitions, retention, and credit-risk related operations, including agreement customer change within customer in-life management in particular.

Highly versatile rule creation and rule set creation for automated credit decisions, including internal white- and blacklists.


  • Simple-to-use interfaces for B2C and B2B sales channels
  • Highly versatile rule and rule set creation for automated credit decisions, including internal white- and blacklists
  • Rule set management: rule creation and definition using CDT’s domain-specific language

  • Fuzzy matching to order and customer data
  • Decision logging, graylisting and reviewing
  • Manual credit decision creation for sales back office agents and risk analysts


CDT is consulted by order and sales channels as well as customer management systems for each order. Depending on configurations, CDT then checks external scores and internal data elated to contract inventories, order queues, payment behavior, etc. to determine what credit decision to make.

“I need a tool where I can manage all our credit risk related business rules, without needing the help from our IT department.”

— Renard, 48, Revenue Assurance Manager

  • The CDT allows operators to reduce credit risk..

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