B2C eShop & eCare

Managing digital life in one simple-to-use interface


The eShop and eCare approach unifies sales and self-service customer journeys by allowing end-customers to choose their own way of shopping and managing their services.


Today’s customers expect unified, extraordinary customer experience in all channels and touchpoints. At the same time, CSPs expect to be able to provide service for a growing number of customers with smaller costs. The Omniplatform meets this demand by reinventing the eCommerce and eService experience by engaging customers in a meaningful dialog with the CSP.

  • Seamless and intuitive shopping experience across all channels
  • Tight integration of shopping and services

  • Simplification of offer browsing, order tracking, and product configuration
  • Fast transaction combined with facilitation of deep relationship building


Omniplatform unifies sales- and self-service customer journeys, bringing the management of one’s personal digital life to one, simple-to-use interface. With Omniplatform, the customers are able to manage their digital life by themselves which leads to lowered costs in customer services.

Omniplatform’s flexible cross-channel functionalities and tight unification of sales and service customer journeys allow CSPs to reach and engage with all customers regardless of their needs or channel preferences.

The Digital Life overview page is shown after a customer signs in. The page gives an overview of all important information in the customer’s digital ecosystem


  • Brand-new, future-proof interaction concepts that embrace customers’ digital emancipation and data-driven CSP business models
  • Unification of sales- and self-service journeys for B2C customers
  • Simple and continuous customer profiling to help customers and operators understand needs and experiences, service usage, and mobile lifestyle
  • Versatile context and content aware product and service recommendations

  • Consistent purchase wizard through complexity of product, subscription and service offerings
  • Versatile multi-basket capability
  • Smart hand-overs and sharing of basket between owner-user-payer and channel reps
  • Smart in-session and between-session assistance features, with proactive algorithm to detect customer struggle


The Omniplatform approach allows customers to choose their own way of shopping and managing their services. The solution comes with versatile assistance tools, including in-session and between-session assistance functionalities. All interfaces are built on responsive and adaptive design approach, supporting desktop, tablet, and mobile device resolutions.

“I need an easy-to-use interface to manage my and my family members’ services and purchase new products and services.”
— Gina, 36, Architect
  • The eShop & eCare allows customers to manage their own digital ecosystem and buy new products and services, leading to better customer experience and cost savings in customer service and stores.

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