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Qvantel provides a telco-specific B2B sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sales tool that fulfills the gap between your sales and the product units, and includes pricing intelligence to configure the desired customer offers.

The superb sales tool has the knowledge of the telecom operator’s entire product catalog. It includes configurable options for offers and accepted offers which can be converted to the order phase in the tool. In the order phase, the tool provides the bridge between sales and delivery which enables sales persons to fulfill order information and submit valid orders to order capture for the delivery and billing.

The B2B Sales Tool provides automation and visibility for the lead-to-order process, supports sales funnel management, and customer relationship building for the enterprise customer sector. The tool enables both hunting and farming sales activities, and provides a great amount of automation to sales case management.

The tool treats both leads and existing sales cases in a similar manner. Each sales case is linked to a client or prospect company, and can be flexibly customized to support the varying needs and preferences of the sales teams, including important features such as a calendar and personal dashboards. From the management perspective, the tool offers control, tractability, and KPI monitoring based on integration with analysis tools.


Sales people get real value of the integrated order and offer tools to make sales really happen.

B2B sales campaign and pipeline management for all types of B2B sales: acquisitions, retention and cross-/up-sell.

Integration to master CRM customer accounts and contract inventories.

Configurable business interaction automation.

Sales force management connected to geographical territories and customer segments.

  • Automation and visibility for customers lead-to-order process
  • Support for telecom B2B sales in lead-to-order and sales process in acquisition, existing customer retention and up & cross-sell activities
  • Better customer and employee experience: easy to use/sell/buy

  • Secure and standardized offer and order content
  • Full visibility to sales cases and opportunities for proactive management


B2B Sales Tool can take in the whole company database of the targeted sales area or individual sales campaigns. The sales process is modelled with the SPANCO (suspect-prospect-approach-negotiations-closure-order) model. You can take a sales case from suspect to order and send it to automatic order fulfillment.

The main user interface is separated into four smart information facets: Sales Cases, Companies, Attachments, Tickets, and Dashboard.


  • Sales force automation: calendar management, sales forces, customer segments, territories, business interactions, support for sales project management
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis: dashboards for entire sales process and KPIs for sales force and management use

  • Effective sales tools: contact tool, offer creator, configure capture tool, integration to master CRM customer accounts and contract inventories
  • Campaign and pipeline management: campaign management and pipeline management for all B2B sales as acquisition, retention, cross-sell and upsell


The B2B Sales Tool is an intuitive web application. The system integrates to a host of other BSS systems to allow smooth operation of the sales and sales force management options, such as other CRMs, Qvantel Credit Decision Tool, and the MS Exchange calendar server.

“I need a sales tool, which fulfills the gap between sales and product, includes pricing intelligence to configure the desired customer offers, and provides the bridge between sales and delivery.”

— Mary, 28, B2B Sales Rep

  • The superb sales tool provides automation and visibility for the lead-to-order process. It helps with customer relationship building for the enterprise customer sector, as well as sales persons in their daily lives.

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