B2B ECare

Empowering B2B customers to self-manage their complete digital business


B2B ECare engages mid-to-large enterprise accounts with one-stop shop and versatile self-service environment. Differing from traditional fleet manager tools, B2B ECare supports dedicated needs and collaborative workflows involving multiple enterprise roles including business managers, operational managers, and employees as end-users. For operators, facilitating B2B customers’ business processes such as ordering will directly lead to increased service consumption, and eventually to an accelerated revenue stream.

In the Qvantel Omnichannel suite, the B2B and B2C ECare fluently integrate to bridge previously disconnected customer journeys and open up new business opportunities. Moreover, the supported interaction with Qvantel B2B Sales Tool allows for process continuity and enhanced efficiency on both sides without the need of communication outside of the ecosystem.


Providing superior customer experience, B2B ECare is the innovation driver for operators; it opens up new opportunities to define your Next Elements, in communication, in marketing, and in business models.

  • Single scalable solution for S-M-L sized B2B customers
  • Save CSP cost through online self service
  • Save B2B customer effort through simpler journeys, seamless interaction, and automation

  • Enhance efficiency of customer’s business process
  • Complete new enterprise customer experience and loyalty building capabilities
  • Improved customer’s employee experience elicits potential revenue streams into B2C business
  • Enablers for data- and customer intelligence-driven CSP business models


B2B ECare is a state-of-the-art self-service environment for mid to large enterprise accounts.

Business Manager Dashboard containing Top notifications, Quick access to main use cases, Overview of business-critical data


  • Manage people, teams and company hierarchy
  • Smart order hand-overs among multiple user roles
  • Manage agreements and products
  • In-built usage and service quality KPI dashboards

  • Negotiate offers
  • Manage orders and custom company catalogs
  • Manage bills and payments
  • Convergent view of B2C and B2B services for employees


With B2B ECare, an enterprise account can be self-managed by admin users throughout its lifecyle, with flexible support for relevant internal processes. Through interactive information handling, B2B ECare enables fluent workflow and seamless collaboration between users. Moreover, its integration with B2C ECare eliminates the boundary between B2B and B2C services for end-users, so that they can manage both personal and business accounts in the same place. In addition, the supported interaction with the Qvantel B2B Sales Tool allows for process continuity and enhanced efficiency on both sides without the need to communicate outside of the ecosystem.

“As decision maker, I need to stay on top of our digital business and efficiently negotiate service offers for my company.”

— Bill, 55, General Manager

  • B2B eCare enables a seamless negotiation with operator’s Account Managers without extra communication effort outside of the tool. It is also easy to hand over new orders to the fleet manager to continue the work.

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