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Moving Revenue Management into the digital fast lane


Qvantel provides a unique Revenue Management solution designed for digital service providers. It offers a short time-to-market, business agility, effortless scalability and considerable time saving. With highly automated revenue management processes digital service providers can raise their efficiency to another level. Enables digital service providers to monetize on partnerships and leverage existing network assets to support partner models. Provides a superior customer billing experience Revenue Management solution is Qvantel’s most evolved product with +15 year of active development and numerous customer deployments.


The Qvantel Revenue Management solution is the corner stone and most important module in the BSS solution. It will enable billing of any service type and facilitates developing new business models in cooperation with partners. This is a key requirements in elevating business in the digital world. Qvantel Revenue Management is not only robust but also flexible, and it can be used by service providers to monetize services ranging from traditional telecommunications through MVNO and IoT to modern digital services.

Qvantel Revenue Management solution has been trusted by communication service providers worldwide for over 15 years. It has increased business efficiency of several leading communication service providers by offering a flexible and accurate tool for billing, rating, invoicing and collection regardless of customer, market or service types.

  • Efficiency, control and flexibility: transform the way you run your monetization processes with charging and billing as a service
  • Designed for digital service providers
  • Improved billing accuracy: increases billing quality and enhances your customer relationships

  • Centralized revenue stream control across fixed, mobile, prepaid, and postpaid offerings
  • Enhanced business agility: modular solution increases your architecture options and lets you choose best-of-breed partners and technology.
  • Leverage existing assets: monetize on partnerships and leverage existing network assets to support partner models.


Qvantel Revenue Management modules

  • Billing Mediation
  • Rating & Charging
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Collection & Dunning

Support for creating business models including, for example:

  • B2C postpaid services for mobile and VAS business needs
  • B2C prepaid business
  • B2B mobile services for small, medium and large customer segments
  • B2B advanced services
  • MVNO business models
  • IOT business models
  • 3rd party services and related revenue sharing
  • B2B/B2C reselling business
  • B2G (government) business


Billing Mediation

  • Crash proof, reliable buffered solution with crash recovery system
  • Off-loads the billing by decentralizing the load
  • Continuous stream sending minimizes data loss and offers real-time characteristics
  • Modular and highly scalable
  • Maintenance free

Billing and Invoicing

  • True convergent billing and invoicing solution
  • Support for calculate charges based on sophisticated models
  • Reduced time to market with rapid configuration of new products
  • Support for cross-product bundling
  • Support for billing on behalf of OTT providers
  • Possibility to automatize processes and procedures to increase efficiency and gain cost savings
  • Proved and awarded accuracy in billing provides a quality billing experience
  • Support for billing cases for both business and consumer customers
  • Support for proving the invoice in all the possible formats and delivery methods
  • Reduced operational costs based on convergence, system consolidation, and integration

Collection and Dunning

  • Reduces the risk of credit loss
  • Fully automated and streamlined debt collection process
  • Support for multiple debt collection profiles with large variety of different configuration possibilities
  • Supports the calculation rules for tele management debt
  • Effective collection of receivables
  • Supports the use of external debt collection agency
  • Possibility to exclude
  • Support multiple style reminder and collection letters and other notifications
  • Support for suspending or barring the service due unpaid debt
  • Full audit log for the debt collection history and actions

Rating and Charging

  • Very high performance of rating the events
  • High scalability due to parallel online rating threads
  • Real-time rating
  • Flexible configurability
  • Support for rating of both traditional telecommunication services and new digital services
  • Open and modular architecture
  • Support for B2B and B2C rating cases
  • Very flexible tariff planning and configurations
  • Full-fledge rating catalog with support for catalog driven architecture
  • Support for federated rating catalog

Accounts Receivable

  • Enables service providers to encase their revenue flows
  • Highly automated Accounts Receivable Management brings efficiency for operations
  • Improved customer satisfaction and relationship
  • Support for outsourced Account Receivable Management and federated A/R
  • Support for cost centers and service providers accounting rules and accounts
  • Support for periodization of receivables
  • Enables to automate service barring and terminations due to unpaid debt
  • Fully integrated with Rating and Billing modules to provide end-to-end real-time information
  • Support for dispute handling of invoices
  • Support for multiple payment methods and interfaces towards banks


  • Wide variety of reporting possibilities
  • Support the monitoring the quality of operations
  • Support for API-based reporting
  • Save time and effort with versatile reporting possibilities
  • All the information is available immediately and in real-time reports


Qvantel’s Revenue Management solution enables convergent billing of any service type and facilitates developing new business models in cooperation with partners. This is a key requirement in elevating business in the digital world. The Revenue Management modules are designed to provide supreme efficiency and high-level of automation for revenue management processes. The solution modules form a robust, flexible and scalable rating and billing solution. Some of the key processes are:

  • Collecting service consumption data
  • Calculating charging and billing information
  • Producing and sending bills

  • Processing payments
  • Managing debt collection
  • Providing reports to other systems

Qvantel’s Revenue Management solution has a proven track-record in system robustness and billing accuracy. It provides modern and flexible monetization and reporting capabilities. All modules are designed to provide extensive support for today’s and tomorrow’s monetization models, and to provide excellent data analysis and reporting flexibility through BI API with tools preferred by the operator. In addition to out-of-the-box capabilities, Qvantel’s service model enables easy additions of new monetization models needed by the business.

“To perform in my business role, I need an effective tool to run billing and other relevant actions related to the revenue management.”

— Lena, 52, Billing Manager

  • The Revenue Management tools allow convergent billing of digital service providers’ versatile services, short time-to-market, increase business agility, effortless scalability and considerable time saving. Automated revenue management processes can raise their efficiency to another level. It also allows monetizing partnerships and leveraging existing network assets to support partner models and provide a superior customer billing experience.

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