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High Customer Satisfaction with Fast Launch of New Services and Products


Fulfillment Order Management provides an agile and a complete order fulfillment engine which enables operators and service providers to launch new products and service offerings at a fast pace to ensure competitive advantage. Order Management is integrated to Fulfillment Catalog from where it reads offers, products and services; this provides considerable agility to service providers. It also evaluates rule definitions from the Fulfillment Catalog system.

Fulfillment Catalog and Fulfillment Order Management provide a comprehensive suite of products that accelerate the concept-to-cash cycle for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The solution helps operators remain flexible and agile for their customers in providing a fast time-to-market of new products and services, reducing costs in operations as well as improving the bottom line in increased revenue realization and customer satisfaction. The suite of products automate the end-to-end process, from product design (definition, synchronization, and lifecycle management), to the order management processes of offer management (such as pricing, configuration and validation) and order management (such as capture, plan generation, orchestration and operations management).


Operators must continuously innovate to provide products and services to consumers and businesses. Qvantel’s integrated product and order management solution is the key to ensure rapid time to market, reduced cost, and improved customer loyalty.

  • Catalog-driven fulfillment flows reduce development costs for new products and services
  • Flexible system to integrate into any environment decreasing integration costs
  • Increased fulfillment quality through reliable fulfillment execution and consistent auditing


The solution provides means to model and manage product offers from both the commercial and technical perspectives. Operational engines then enforce these definitions to drive offer configuration, price, validation, and order management.

Dynamically created execution plan for an order


  • Catalog-driven order plan generation for dynamic, optimized order fulfillment
  • Order operations visibility; order status and process status for all orders regardless of channel
  • Order capture, validation and acceptance
  • Jeopardy management of orders

  • Full data integration and synchronization capabilities
  • Full audit trail and logging capabilities
  • High speed, high throughput, service-oriented architecture to support growing volumes


Qvantel offers this fully integrated into the total Qvantel managed services platform, enabling further value for any operator.

“I love this product because it provides a single view for order operations. No matter what the sales channel is, I can see and monitor the order processing flow and take action. Because of the integrated catalog-driven model, technical SLA times are used for any order and the dashboard provides me a graphical view to understand and be notified in cases where an order is in jeopardy of missing the expected completion times. I can see the state, execution plan, and flow for each order. I do not have to decipher thousands of manually built order flows to understand the state of an order.”

— John, 47, Back Office Specialist

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