Knowledge Management

Manage, create, and publish knowledge efficiently


Information and content governance has always presented a challenge to organizations. Especially in the current information-rich world it is an absolute necessity. Companies have increased their focus on their outcomes. System solutions include multiple partners, which means that improvements to workforce performance are always welcome. In short, more explicit and organized Knowledge Management is needed.

Knowledge Management provides users with ease-to-use tools to create, manage, and publish knowledge efficiently. The supported knowledge types are frequently asked questions (FAQs) and knowledge base articles.


Knowledge Management supports CSRs by enabling:

  • Smart suggestions and collaborative way of working, making it easier to manage case volumes
  • Finding relevant information and resources easily
  • Reusing ideas, documents and expertise

  • Communicating important information widely and quickly
  • Making scarce expertise widely available


Knowledge Management provides users with ease-to-use tools to efficiently create, manage, and publish internal or public knowledge in multiple languages.

Search and View Knowledge in browser view. Internal and public information is separated.


  • Search and manage knowledge items
  • Write and publish knowledge items
  • Categorize and tag knowledge items

  • Separate internal and public knowledge
  • Produce knowledge items in multiple languages
  • Get situational knowledge, such as case category-related knowledge, easily


  • Share and disseminate content in simple and consistent way.
  • Allow structured content based on a developed taxonomy.
  • Push critical content to users, provide required information when needed.
  • Support content life cycle for maintaining and retiring content.

“We care and want to provide service to our callers in the best possible way. During the course of a working day, I need situation-related knowledge for this.”

— Tanya, 26, CSR 1st Line

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