Case & Customer Interaction Management

Manage customer and internal issues by combining case, interaction, and knowledge information


A well-designed Case and Customer Interaction Management system enables effective collaboration between various teams – each of them can do their part and add their comments when troubleshooting a case, for example. This leads to timely and effective problem resolution which encourages customer loyalty and improves customer experience.

Recording the requests, issues, claims, and the resulting business activities as well as the resolutions provides a powerful tool to manage and improve the processes of an organization. Gathering information related to customer calls in the form of customer interactions and business interactions provides a valuable information source for business analytics. “Why are the customers calling us?” and “Which products cause most of the calls and why?” are examples of questions this data can provide answers to.

To drive more successful and optimized outcomes for the organization, there is a need for a well-designed Case and Interaction Management system.


  • Semi-automatic customer and business interaction recording shortens the time needed for post-call actions. Combined with the collection of case-related data, it provides valuable information for business analysis.
  • Case category-specific input fields enable gathering the needed data during the first customer call.
  • Knowledge items linked to case category provide situation-related guidance to CSRs.
  • Quick case creation for issues not solved during the call saves CSRs’ time.

  • Case management functionality supports back office team’s collaboration.
  • Automated case actions and linking cases caused by single problem reduce the need for manual work.
  • Case dashboard illustrates overall case situation.


Recording customer cases and their resolutions provides a powerful tool to manage and improve the processes of an organization. Information gathered from customer calls in the form of customer and business interactions is invaluable for business analytics.

Case Management can be opened to display either the “customer cases” or “my cases”. Cases can be searched by using multiple filters.


  • Creating an official complaint
  • Creating a technical issue
  • Taking over a case manually
  • Escalating cases manually
  • Managing and browsing cases
  • Case category related input fields

  • Case change history
  • Rule-based case actions
  • Case linking
  • Case category specific knowledge
  • Case SLA auto escalation
  • Case dashboard


The recording of customer and business interactions during a customer call handling stores valuable information about issues resolved during the call. For issues not solved during the call, easy case creation is possible in the CSR Toolbox and channel applications. Issue solving is smoothly transferred to back office persons who can solve the cases using their specific competencies. Each case handling modification and action is recorded. It is possible to define automated case actions such as automated case SLA escalation. Multiple cases related to same problem can be linked together. Knowledge items can also be linked to case categories.

“We care and want to provide service to our callers in the best possible way. When an issue cannot be solved by me, I quickly forward the issue with a good description to the back office persons.”

— Tanya, 26, CSR 1st Line

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