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The Qvantel BSS API and HPD (High Performance Data) constitute a modular, highly scalable and high performance data solution, which provides qualitative data storage based on Cassandra and fast process handling. The BSS API stack powered by HPD handles thousands of requests every second, with high availability and handling deployments without downtime. BSS API is the single point of contact for all integrated channel applications It has unified information model based on TM Forum SID.

The Qvantel BSS API defines a common information layer – a common model, language and terminology – which is used by different channel applications/business processes to integrate into the BSS framework. It also facilitates communication between the core components of the system.

BSS API can be roughly divided into two definitions:

  • Public API: used by channel applications and external processes to access features and resources inside the BSS stack.
  • Private API: used by BSS core components for integration and data exchange purposes between each other. Private APIs extend the BSS API definitions by adding extra functions, resources, fields, and low-level operations that are more powerful and less governed than the ones exposed to the public interface.


Our open BSS API allows you to easily mesh your innovations with 3rd party solutions. Unified information layer is powered by high-performance data to deliver light-speed intelligence to all your systems, keeping your business in sync and agile.

The Qvantel BSS API defines the common public API of the BSS system for both external use and system level integrations. By having clearly defined specifications, mock implementations of BSS services and automated test cases, BSS API enables both rapid application development and makes it possible to change/replace system elements in flexible way.

  • Faster time-to-market; easy to use and easy to adapt by channel applications
  • Quality with ‘fail fast’; automated test cases for integrators
  • Flexibility in system level: choose/replace components; no vendor lock

  • Enable true competition and reduce development costs: the API and frame is open – you decide who should develop against it
  • Fast to extend to tailor parts to customer specific needs without breaking the API
  • Enables immediate use of Qvantel world class customer-facing frontend solutions


The BSS API definition acts as an “umbrella” of compatible domain API versions, which are implemented by underlying core components. From the business/user interfacing applications’ perspective, the BSS API provides a solid interface which remains consistent regardless of core/system level changes as long as those core components retain compatibility with the API definition.

BSSAPI defines the BSS framework with clearly defined specifications for external applications and internal integrations.

BSS Framework


  • Out-of-the-box mock implementations of full-blown BSS system, enabling fast start to development
  • Easy to approach specifications in Qvantel standard and even in customer tailored forms
  • Ready-made, automated API test cases to help in changing/replacing of BSS components

  • Open and public from developers to developer
  • Constant development and release of new features in yearly main releases and monthly domain releases
  • Based on JSON API


With continuous updates, clear test cases, agile mock-BSS implementations and approachable specifications, the BSS API redefines your view of the BSS framework landscape. There are no limitations to what kind of clients can interact with the BSS API. From the business and user interfacing applications’ perspective, the BSS API provides a solid interface which remains consistent regardless of core or system level changes as long as the core components retain compatibility with the API definition. Due to the HPD approach and always-on architecture, the service is fast, scalable, and reliable.

“I need a well-defined and recognized interface I can rely on when designing and implementing my applications using services of the BSS cloud.”

— Max, 52, System Engineer

  • BSS API defines a non-vendor locked interface, a single-point-of-contact for the services of the BSS cloud.

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