The digital transformation is happening now.
We help you lead it.

Digitalization is changing the world and how we are connected to the things that matter. Learn how Qvantel Digital BSS solutions are leading the way. Read more.

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The digital transformation is happening now. We help you lead it.

Digitalization is constantly changing the world and the way we live. The best of the breed will not just follow, they will lead the digital change.

Digitalization has brought the world at our fingertips – whenever, wherever. Smartphones have become a digital extension to our body and a part of our identity. We communicate globally and instantly. We stay realtime informed about world affairs. We do our shopping, educate, work, and deal our daily chores online. We keep in touch with those of importance to us digitally. But smartphones is only the first wave of the invasion of digital assets and services into our lives. Dozens of connected devices and sensors will follow to build smart homes, smart cars, smart cities.

Some might never give a thought about how much we require from our Communications Service Providers to enable our current lives. Even fewer may consider what key role Communications Service Providers may play in our future lives. We bluntly trust our devices are connected at all times.

Qvantel equips leaders of the digital transformation

Qvantel is here to equip the leaders of the digital transformation. We help telecommunications operators to transform into truly Digital Service Providers, and to provide superior value and customer experience to their end-customers. Qvantel offers world-class Business Support Solutions with a seamless and smooth user experience for both business users and end-customers. Our solutions allow the operator to leverage on data to stay a step ahead of business. The world might be complex, but we aren’t. We simplify it.

In the end, Qvantel enables happier users, customers, and a more powerful business.

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